BenQ Camera, HELP

    I bought a camera from amazon in 2005 and it recently died(won't charge) Ive sent it back to BenQ as it was covered under warranty and they seem to think its down to a dent in the camera casing (I dropped it when it was brand new but i didnt send it back as i went on holiday straight after and needed it).

    Now how has a dent in the casing caused the camera to not charge????

    Any advice would be great as benq are telling me i will need to buy a new one off them. They won't repair it because they told me its my fault.


    It could be the dent/knock worked a wire loose, Still cameras should be of stronger build than that, I've dropped mine probably about 5 times (once on concrete!) and luckily enough its just a few scratches.

    The only way to probably get out of it, Would be to say thats how the camera arrived, But you tested the camera and it was working at the time so you didn't see it as a problem.

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    Yep thats what i said to them. That the camera worked after the dent. Ill see what they say. Thanks for the advice:thumbsup:

    claim of royal mail just tell them that it got dent wen you was sending it to BenQ ...... ive do it b4 but you must have sent it by SP DEL tho

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    good point pavilion:thumbsup: if they say they wont repair it then ill think about doing that.
    Cheers again great idea im going on holiday a week monday so would be good if i could buy a replacement by then.
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