Benson for beds

Posted 24th Dec 2019
Does anyone have a benson for beds discount codes please? 5% is the best I’ve seen.
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There's £25 off, but min spend is £500. Essentially the same thing if you're not going much over. Think when I ordered mine, there was only 5% vouchers doing the rounds.
You'll probably get a better deal in-store, they beat the online price I quoted them(using voucher code and cashback). Having said that, CS is poor so I'd avoid them altogether.
Customer Service is disgraceful. Personally I'd say unless you can only get what you want from them go ANYWHERE else.
Customer service is appalling, really hard work with them. Avoid and save yourself the headache and hassle.
We had a bed delivered in 2 half’s that didn’t match up by about 3 inches, delivery men said it was awful, sent pictures to customer service who said it was within their tolerance, eventually sent out a replacement half, but sent it from wrong bed - then said I’d accepted a replacement no refund was possible. Eventually after threatening legal action they refunded the bed and tried to charge me for 2 deliveries and 1 collection. Worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with and bed was appalling quality as well, much worse than the identical one on the shop floor.
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