Berni Inn Steakhouses....

    Following the rip roaring success of the Dixies fried chicken thread, I thought I'd follow up with a request for some info on an old family favourite......

    Are there any Berni Inns still operating and if so, do they still have the same old 1970's inspired menus ?

    Thanks in advance.....


    Are the World Wide Wait search engines broken again?

    Any of the original venues are now branded as Beefeater or Brewers Fayre restaurants.

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    You spoil all my fun.

    Damn you FP !! X)

    That evokes fond memories ,sauntering into a Berni Inn with the great smell of Brut complementing your Hepworths made to measure suit ,worn with a tasteful cravat (whatever happened to them ?) . The Lucky lass on your arm thought she was in for the biggest posh treat ever - Prawn Cocktail , Steak ,Chips and onion rings - and who knows what for dessert oO . Those were the days before smartphones ruined romance - nostalgia

    The local Berni Inn was almost compulsory for birthday treats, back in the day.
    I do remember seeing Rogparki there though and I still love prawn cocktails.
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    And how about the schooner of sherry?

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    And how about the schooner of sherry?

    My local Berni was called the Schooner !!

    Del Boy used to take all his girlfriends out for "A Steak Meal " at the Berni inn lol
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