Berwick - haggerston castle or scotland !!

Found 6th Mar 2009
Im sorry to be posting a similar question again but i had asked a cpl of wks ago if anyone could recommend something for a weekend break. Ive now decided we def will go as far as newcastle. I like the look of tummel valley in perthshire its beautiful but its £284 for the weekend which is a bit much as we actually will only be staying 2 nts rather than the 3.

Ive looked at berwick and haggerston castle with Haven (wont go craig tara) they seem nice but reviews online seem to show otherwise however a couple of people on this site say theyre nice. I dont know if its worth the longer journey for them though ... I live in Scotland, lanarkshire.

Looked at hoeseasons they had a lot to offer in scotland but their parks seem quite quiet and theres so much that im confused now and just want someone to say '...... is fab - go there!!) People talk about lovely parks in scotland but i cant seem to find them... HEELLPPP!

This is for 2ad 1ch whos 3. Going end of March for weekend stay.

Any help at all and i'll luv y'all forever!!

Carol x
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Thank you starsparkle, im thinking since the parks r just opening too they should at least be clean!
Fab ! Sounds ideal and not too far really, just a 2hr journey i guess its bareable I'll be sending some rep but ive got none left for today since i had to dish it out in another post shall send tomorrow

Still open to any ideas or opinions on anything else, im swaying towards haggerston but esp anything in scotland id be interested to have a few more options if not haggerston it is x
Get the 07:28 from Motherwell to North Berwick.

Awesome place.
Berwick is £148.75 (via kwikfit link) and Haggerston is £174.25 - would u say Haggerston is worth the xtra £25? I think its prob a yes but on the website by comparrison apart from horse riding there doesnt seem to be much diff? but the its the overall park standard etc that u cant see from a photo image
will be travelling by car as we need to leave at night since hubby is working on the sat so after work we shall make way down... hense only getting the 2nts instead of 3 which is a shame... thanks anyway grex
It really depends what you're wanting to do holiday-wise, Haggerston Castle was ok as a kid's holiday but I didn't think much of the park or the area it's in. However that's just my personal preference as I enjoy getting out into the countryside.

arrghhh decisions decisions !! Thank you again guys especially starsparkle uve been a 'STAR'!!
I'm not sure what you mean by 'I speak the truth' but I'm well aware it's a caravan holiday park (it's kind of hard to miss) but I prefer having decent facilities onsite as well as somewhere to go outwith the park.
No, it's not 'the place for me' as I thought was rather clear - the site itself is fairly dull and there's not much of interest in the area. Tummel Valley has a far more interesting location and the park itself is not as commercialised, I found it a much more enjoyable place to be around. The flip side of that is there's less facilities but as I said above I don't think it comes down to right or wrong, just whatever your preference is - I don't think Tummel Valley is worth a long trek to for two days as I'm sure there are others close by (such as to the south west of Scotland) which offer similar attractions.

Hang on - you've not been to either site?? Tummel Valley is near Pitlochry just off the A9 (main road between Inverness and Perth), about an hour or so's drive north of Edinburgh. In general it's a fairly picturesque area and it's not far from Perth if needed. I don't think it's particularly exceptional, the reason I've been there is that it isn't a long drive when compared to Haggerston Castle or some of the sites down in Ayrshire.

I can't say I'm one for exotic foreign holidays either although I do fancy heading back down the Nurburgring again this year. Most of my holidays have been to caravan parks in Scotland with a few in England and always enjoyed them...well I could have lived with slightly less rampant swarms of midge's and rain.

Having read on here about the reviews for Berwick I just had to look them up and I am shocked. We have been there twice a year for the last six years and the vans have been lovely and cleanliness never a problem. The site is next to the beach,golf course and the town centre which is small but a nice little town all the same. We have also been to Haggerston which has more in the way of kids entertainment like SS said. There are lovely places to visit from both these sites. Bamburgh castle being one and Seahouses where you can go on a boat trip to the islands. If visiting Seahouses a fish tea is a must. It is the best EVER..(apart from the award winning one in anstruther My mouth is watering at the very thought of it. yummy.. If you haven`t made your mind up and are still thinking of one in scotland I have been to Sundrum,Weymms Bay and the dreaded craig tara. If you want any information on those ones let me know. Good luck whatever you decide,hope you have a great time.:thumbsup:
on parkdean website weymms Bay is £137.57 Sundrum is £152.25 - Dont know anything about either so if theres anything you could tell me about them id most appreciate... Craig Tara ive been to - never again... hence why im trying to pick a nice one so I dont have another craig tara experience.

For me id like stuff to do for the wee one - shes only 3 so doesnt take too much - a pool, day/night entertainment...perhaps play area etc....
Dont want to be in a complex where theres like no entertainment and once ur thre your stuck with nothing else to do, thats the only thing that worries me with weymms bay and sundrum as it looks like they only have 1 bar each at night time, wherease the haven parks have a couple of places you can choose to go...
Also wont be cooking so somewhere that has 'edible' food is a bonus (unlike craig tara!)

Rosie you had said before Berwick was fab - is there enough to do for the 2 days on site?I quite like the fact that one is right on the beach. Or do the scotland ones have just as much to offer?

Thanks Carol x
I would say that sundrum and weymms bay are more or less on a par with Berwick for the childrens amenities.I was at sundrum last year and found it to be a nice clean site but quiet.The amusements there are smaller.Haggerston has more as stated before. The clubs that they all run for the little ones are good if your little one likes to join in so that would keep her happy too. You do have to stay with them while they are there. so it just depends on your personal preference. If the beach is an important factor go for Berwick although at this time of year you need to wrap up well. lol If I can be of anymore help let me know.:thumbsup:
thanks Rosie, im going to let hubby choose now between them I'll need to get a move on with it though as availability is getting low... much obliged x
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