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    A while ago I came across a company that along with selling the usual jewellery, also let you choose your diamond and create your own online. I can't find it anymore and the only ones that come up are American! Anyone know of it?! A long shot I know! x


    just go to hatton gardens in london if local- you'll be surprised at how much they bring they bring the price doen once you genuinely show interest and start haggling. jewellery to die for..8-)

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    Not the site I'd seen before but thanks, I'll have a look! Have some rep! x…=pd

    there are loads of sites about though. just google bespoke diamond jewellery and select uk only.

    Yeah blue nile are excellent

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    A lot of these sites only let you design single stone rings (although the bluenile one does trilogy ones) but I'm after somewhere you can design the whole thing... ie each stone, its position, metal etc! x

    where are you from? there is a jewellers in burgess hill that will pretty much do whatever you want. if you see any shapes etc you like but want different stones or colour, etc he'll make it to order. im pretty sure any decent jewellers will do that?

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    I live in Birmingham so am heading over to the Jewellery Quarter next week, but I'm frustrated that I can't find that site! Maybe they've just shut down now! x…tml
    they seem quite good, you can send them a design you have in mind and theyll make it!

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    Brill! Thanks for your help!



    Bought my misses one from there for £1500 & it was valued at £4700 at a local jewellers over here.

    Shipped from India to thier UK office, then UK to your house (avoiding any customs tax etc)
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