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Found 11th Aug 2006
Hi Guys,

I made the mistake of getting an 18 month contract on T-Mobile for gf for xmas and its costing a fortune in calls, fortunatly its only £16/month + 50% off so I can afford to just leave it the draw costing me only £8 a month.

Looking for a good 12 month free contract that has a good amount of anytime x-net minutes and texts. Ideally Orange and not T-Mobile but not fussed really.

The gf would also prefer a 'flip open' handset but hey, beggers can't be choosers!!

A good Quidco cash back would be a bonus.

Thanks in advance!
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Cheers Ducky,

I know I asked for a flip phone but she currently has the V3 RAZR and hates it (don't ask why). Its a nice to have but not essential, tarriff is pretty good though.....
This is the V3x, superior in a lot of ways. I'll look at another deal.
is it me or are '3' generally the most generous for inclusive mins + texts?
Yes, they are. Very generous indeed!!
Are 3 any good for network coverage? I've known walkie tlakies work better than my current T-Mobile.....
I had no problems.

I have tried loads of networks as where I live it is hard to get a signal. 3 seems to get the best signal here. The only down side I have found is that when abroad they charge for texts on top of the inclusive bit. On my O2 phone I used texts from abroad and was not charged any extra.

On my O2 phone I used texts from abroad and was not charged any extra.

I've also found this very useful with o2. Does anybody know if any other networks include texts from Europe in your monthly allowance?
its not official although this has happened to me on more than one occasion too:thumbsup:
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