Best £15 a month deal?

    I'm on Solo 15 fixed, and i'm looking to go to another sim only/pay monthly contract. Best i've found so far is on Vodafone which gives me 600 minutes and unlimited texts for £15 a month, 12 month contract. Can anyone find a better deal??? ONLY £15 a month



    In a nutshell, if you're near the end of your mobile phone contract simply .... to I got 200 minutes and 500 texts for £15/month plus £100 or a new handset! ...

    not me

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    I already called up t-mobile and they can't/won't budge on anything


    I already called up t-mobile and they can't/won't budge on anything

    they should do bhav, Im on solo 20 and everytime vodafone up their minutes (and even when they added the internet access) Ive rang them and asked them nicely to match it, not been told no yet :thumbsup: maybe try again…115

    ive got this, its a FANTASTIC phone!!!!! unlimited texts, unlimited internet, but only 75mins. but still i reckon its FANTASTIC, 3000mins to people on 3 network. its got unlimited calls to people with Skype which i find VERY useful!

    also if you say i recommended you you get like £30 off which is like two free months.

    ohh and since i got that contract 5 of my friends and my brother have bought it!!!!

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    I called t-mobile's loyalty team and they said they can't offer me a better deal. They just offered me the 500 minute one, whereas vodafone's deal has 600 minutes. I can't wait to leave them, 4 years of loyalty gets you nowhere. This is the 2nd time this year i've called them btw. And sorry 75 is nooo way enough for me lol
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