Found 1st Jul 2005
Hi guys,

Found out from BT that my phone line is crap & can only handle 1MB (I doubt it but thats what they say !).

So what is the cheapest (& best) 1MB offer around?

It must include a free modem & NO CAPS !!!

Best I have found up to now are:

TalkTalk - £19.99 p/m

Plusnet - £14.99 p/m (50:1 contention ratio) or

Plusnet - £21.99 p/m (30:1 contention ratio)

Anyone had any dealings or know more about contention ratio's ? I understand that a 30:1 ratio is better as you are sharing your bandwidth with only 29 other people (with 50:1 is 49 other people).

Cheers guys

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plusnets broadband services are absolutely fantastic! i have 1mb for a while nd they upgraded me to 2mb for free!!!

now thats a company you want to be with....great value as well

Original Poster

Did you get the £14.99 or the £22.99 service ?

For info these companies generally all use bt lines and exchanges so unless ur supplied by cable if bt cant provide it no one else will either !

Beware however using another company as when you have technical problems with either your pstn line or your broadband your supplier and bt will bounce you back and forth and blame each other for the problems.

Hence you only get what u pay for :-)

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I'd opt for the BT 1meg service, but it's capped at 1GB per month !!!!!!

Now thats a load of c**p

even 30GB is £24.99 - still not enough, i need uncapped

BT does offer a business level broadband service for £29.99 with best speed on your line up to 2mb local rate helpdesk and unlimited access

Almost all of the cheaper ones get you either on download limit, speed restriction or premium rate helpdesk costs of which id watch for the asterisks on adverts as they inevitably mean small print for the 3 things above......

i have got pipex. i have a 2.2 mb connection with uncapped download. they supply the modem etc. pain free and it is a superb service

Apparently, it's not £10 each at the mo, I put it in and it said a completed referral gets 50p off the referer's subscription. But nm.

If anyone feels the need: ozbornes
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