Best 2 in 1 laptop to buy

Found 24th Nov 2017
I am looking at buying a 2 in 1 laptop as a birthday present. My budget is around £150-£170, but if i could spend less even better. The laptop will only be used for internet purposes so doesn't need to be anything fancy. What do you guys suggest? Not very tech savvy so have no idea what to buy.
Thanks in advance.
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pooool7 m ago

How about this Chromebook: …How about this Chromebook: & UGC~47868&awid=47868Hope it helps...

Thank for the suggestion however it is not a 2in1 laptop, its just a laptop. A 2in1 laptop is like a laptop with a removable keyboard to turn it into a tablet. Thanks anyway
pooool58 m ago

Oops, my bad...How about this then: …Oops, my bad...How about this then: Deals Ltd&utm_content=0&utm_term=47868

Thank you I will look into it now
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