Been thinking for a week or so about buying myself a new monitor, but therein lies the problem. There are so many, that i don't know which one is best, or best value, etc.

    I'm on my computer a lot, surfing or playing games, so that would be main uses.

    I recently liked the look of the HP w2207h which was posted on here, and another user was also selling a used one. I nearly bought it, but hesitated, lol.

    I can buy it brand new for about £170 direct from HP, so therefore my budget is round about that mark, or less if better model out there.

    Please help! :-)

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Would also like to add that i may buy a PS3, so HDMI connectivity could be beneficial, although not saying its a 100% requirement.

    Also, if anything slightly bigger, similiar price range, or thought to be better buy, please also let me know.

    Thanks 'emasu' for first response.



    Seconded, Samsung make the best LCD panels and that is a very good lcd monitor.

    good deal ]here

    £169.99 ]here

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies so far guys!

    And feel free to keep 'em coming!


    Seconded, Samsung make the best LCD panels


    The W2207h isn't a bad screen, although do be aware that the screen is glossy so it's rather reflective and depending on it's positioning may be difficult to use in the daytime. It does have the full adjustability which is nice and which most other displays lack (being stuck with tilt can be annoying).

    The HP and most samsung displays have shiny plastic bezels which tend to show up fingerprints so they may need to be cleaned more often then a display with a matt bezel.

    22" is the same resolution as 20" so you're not getting any more desktop space or detail (the pixels are just bigger). 20" screens tend to be cheaper too.

    There's the Dell 2208WFP, it's slightly above your budget at the moment but dell's prices do fluctuate and they have vouchers so if you're lucky you could get it for £170. That has a fully adjustable stand like the HP as well as a zero bright pixel guarentee.

    The last thing I'd say is don't decide based on specifications since the ones usually given are marketing junk and not terribly useful for determining the characteristics of the monitor.
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