Best 22inch monitor out of these 4 -advice please

    Any advice on these 4 22inch monitors
    Got it down to ; LG 22LS4R £239
    SAMSUNG 225BW £225
    PHILIPS 220WS8FS (14TH JULY ) £229


    Hi CW.

    Was just going to say, Keep an eye on the Dell deals that keep popping up when your wanting a base unit, There are some cracking deals recently like here

    As for the monitors, I haven't got a clue, Sorry, LG Philips and Samsung are both good makes though.

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    Thanks- only problem is i don't like the cases !! and i do not want black under any circumstances . I had set my heart on silver with blue led .

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    bump up please


    Hi,Any advice on these 4 22inch monitorsGot it down to ; LG 22LS4R … Hi,Any advice on these 4 22inch monitorsGot it down to ; LG 22LS4R £239[COLOR="Red"]SAMSUNG 225BW £225[/COLOR]LG226WTQ£205PHILIPS 220WS8FS (14TH JULY ) £229Thanks

    This one by far, I have the 226bw and I can confrim that it is by far the greatest monitor I have owned and i have had dell, illayma and lg. The colours and sharpness are secodn to none. Do you mean the 226bw though?

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    Yes, sorry -226bw

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    Thought i would get the monitor first now as i am still debating on building my own computer - all ones on ebay seem to have cheap motherboards and not much room for updating in the future !

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    bump please

    I'm not being nasty, but wouldn't it have been better to just create one thread with all your questions?

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    I dont seem to get many replies -thats why i created another thread

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    bump -any more advice??

    LG L226WTQ

    The buyers on that thread seem to rate that quite high.

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    Ok - if i am keeping to one thread- do you think this is a good deal
    3.2 dual core processor
    ASUS P5VD-2 Motherboard
    1 gb ram
    160 gb hd
    256 nvidia seperate graphics card.
    Dvd writer
    x blade silver case
    3 year guarantee
    £310 delivered.
    Please let me know your thoughts asap.

    Whats the graphics card?

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    Not sure ! just said it was not integrated at all .

    Is it an ebay auction?

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    Its not -but he does sell on ebay -zoom computers .
    Also could have this one for another £10 (with 1gb ram and 160 hd) and its core 2 but not such a good motherboard ! item no 160137377764

    That ebay one has the a E6600 processor which I believe is better than the first one.

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    Yes, the processor is better but not sure about the motherboard?

    Its an Asus by the look of it, and its a Micro ATX so you wont be ablet o use SLI graphics cards in it, but apart from that I cant see what you personally lose by getting it.

    Having said that they do say that pictures are for illustrative purposes only, so you may not get an Asus board.

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    What graphics card will it take ?

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    bump please -wanted to know what graphics card i can use please.

    you dont need to bump your posts every hour....

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    Thats not an answer though- bump now then after 4 hours!!!!

    Is the motherboard PCI-e or AGP?, Or is that what your trying to find out?

    To sort of throw a spanner in the works, This monitor looks a great price :…792

    The Samsung is by far the best of those.

    Here is a link to a 48 page thread all about this monitor from overclockers.…111

    I have just ordered this from Ebuyer:…386

    Identical specs to the Samsung and nearly £50 cheaper!!!…l=3 Decent reviews and also you dont have the Panel lottery of the Samsung with the 3 different grades of panel.

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    Thanks everyone-went to look at samsung one today -was very impressed until the guy in PC world knocked a switch and couldn't get the pic back on and had to fetch someone (a female too -who sorted it out)
    Also have been considering the same lg one posted above from ebuyer. Thats a good point though about the panels -knowing my luck i would end up with the worst grade !
    Have to make a decision very soon !!!!
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