Best 23inch or slightly smaller LCD HDTV

    Looking for a decent 23 inch or smaller LCD tv to buy. Considering the samsung LE23R88BDX from dixons but just wondering if there are any better ones on the market and cost less. Dont want to spend anymore than the samsung one.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    I've got the older version of that with 1 hdmi port and I paid £270 for it about 4 months ago, Pixmania have the one you mentioned for around £370 by the way.

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    can the older one still be bought?

    Not at the price I got it for no, but I imagine you could get one from amazon or something.

    Yeah, that one's mine:…8-4

    As you can see, it's significantly more expensive now. :lol:

    do you want black or white

    Original Poster

    black please

    i got mine as a price match from rgb direct with john lewis


    shame the debenhams offer has finished that was £300

    I've been looking for something like this too - around 23". So far the best I've found for the R88:…226

    With the vouchers from this site I got it down to £350. However, even that is a little more than I want to spend. Especially when there are so many 32" sets going for almost the same price. Why should I have to pay extra for a smalelr size? But more than 23 would look kinda off. Are there any other high quality 23" sets? Alternatively I've been looking at this:…19M

    Which I've found as low as £230, though I have now lost the link. Is that set any good? Worth getting over the Samsung?
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