Best 32" HD LCD for around £400

    Hi is this tv any good Acoustic Solutions CTVL32W3HD 32in HD Ready

    its £300 pounds from argos ive heard they are a good company?


    Don't know about that particular model but if you are definitely limited to nearer £300 than £400 then look also at tvs by Mirai, Orion and Hannspree. A quick froogle show these are around £350. If you can stretch to £400, then you can get a 32" Toshiba from PC World.

    If you can take the tv back easily - then go ahead and buy it from Argos and if its rubbish just take it back within the 14 days or whatever.

    The avforums has lots of reviews on most makes but its likely to make your decision even more difficult...…155

    Just checked there is a whole thread about the acoustic telly here…988

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    i can afford £400 is the toshiba better?



    i can afford £400 is the toshiba better?thanks

    The Toshiba is very good - but no longer in stock at PC World (model has been replaced)

    Play have the replacement model for £429 (itt's a bit cheaper at directtvs but I wouldn't buy from them).…nre

    Play also have the next model at the same price to pre-order for next month delivery…tml

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    thanks will carry on with the search.

    there was a deal the other day or a panasonic 32" t.v at £469 it really is worth the extra money as your getting a well better make. its from richer sounds, ive got the 26" and my mate has the 32" that is advertised and it is a top notch t.v mate, defo go and buy it. well better than any of these cheaper accoustic soloutions.

    also to show good price point, i paid £349 a feww months ago for the "26 and its still 499 in most shops

    heres the link to the deal mate…tv-

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    yh nice t.v but i think ill wait a llil?

    Cheap TV have the Tosh for £419 delivered......…273
    but then for a little bit more (£30) on top you could get a Samsung or Panasonic.
    To be honest I'd wait a bit for a better deal to come along.......

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    thanks everyone ill guess ill just wait.
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