Best 32 inch smart TV deal?

Found 14th Dec 2017
I'm hoping to get my daughter a 32 inch smart TV for her bedroom for Christmas. Does anyone have any good suggestions of deals? Unsure if it's worth paying extra for 1080p etc? Do I go for a cheap brand and hope it lasts or just go decent?!
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Hi - you don't say what budget you have. Personally, I would always go down to your local Currys and have a look in person. Find one that suits you at a price you can afford. You can then purchase it or you can use the model number to find it online.

Personally, for TVs I would always purchase from John Lewis or Richer Sounds as they have 5 and 6 year warranties. There are other online companies that do 5 year warranties too but do a search and find a retailer you can trust. Do your homework and make sure the TV has the features you want (iPlayer/Netflix/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Smart Features etc) and see if it has any positive reviews.

There is plenty of choice for 32". I would always go with one of the big name brands such as LG, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung etc. Although you can never guarantee how long it will last, it is down to your own personal preference which brand you go for.

For deals, try searching:

Find 32" TV deals
One thing, all smart are not created equal, though one worthwhile standard is "Freeview Play" - with the rollback EPG as a simple way to access all available catchup.
Most will have a web browser of rather limited capability
As for other apps, you are at the mercy of whatever store it runs.
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