Best 32" to 42" tv for an xbox one s with a budget of £350 max

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Anyone know of the best tv I could buy for an xbox one s for around £300 to £350 max with a screen size under 42" dont want anything bigger as I have glaucoma so have limited side vision, but also need a nice clear screen to help my failing vision, should I be looking for 4k and would I benefit from 4k? Would getting a 4k pretty much guarantee me better display than my 4 year old smart led panasonic viera. I notice argos have a Hitachi 42" smart 4k for £299 but no point me buying if it would not be any better than my panny viera which it think is 1080i or could be 1080p
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4K is a tech for big TVs, it's mainly being rolled out to medium and small TVs for compatibility and the marketing advantages (it looks better up close in shops). The only quality advantage you'd see at this size is from the HDCP 2.2 which will allow you access to higher bitrates on some source material.

In fact, for SD content most 4K TVs are worse than Full HD ones. It's definitely not an automatic improvement.

I wouldn't even consider replacing a four year old TV at the moment, wait until real improvements in picture quality come along like Good HDR or OLED. Although they'll likely be at least five years getting down to this price, so basically just keep your current TV until it breaks.
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