Best 32" TV Around

    i am going to buy 32" tv just wondered which one would you buy. have around £300.

    is the sony 32"v4000 very good


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    far as i know its about the best in its class,no brainer unless you want to spend a lot more money!:thumbsup:

    I love my LG7000. 32" got all the neat little features you need, full HD. Only problem is it could do with 100Hz.

    A lot of peole will probably suggest the more expensive Sony Bravia's or the Samsung's. Theyre all reasonably similar.

    I have a 40v3000 the older larger screen TV that was going for v4000 prices last year.

    Fantastic TV as long as you go on AVforums and get the settings (out of the box are set to vivid and look carp) and buy good scarts (i use thor) for Sky+ (I have sd not hd) and an upscaling dvd player.

    Ontheball: you get one in the end? I keep thinking of finally getting myself a flat screen, dont wanna pay any more than 300 and want something good

    Oh yeah, Norwich on a Saturday when there is footbal on is a royal pain, we got as far as Toys R us/ TK Maxx, then left, waay too much traffic, lolz

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