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    hi what does everyone think are the best 360 discs for using backups?!


    Any questions on this kind of thing really should be pointed towards the correct forums (a simple search on google would suffice).

    What you're asking people to do on this forum, is help you with sorting out your modded 360 and the best/cheapest way to use copied games on it.

    Using the term 'backups' does not fool the authorities should they need to use this against the owners of this board/site.

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    wel u can have backups for ur own private use at home it does not infringe copyright law

    This is true, but for it to be a legal 'backup' you have to own the original game...

    It's obvious from all your posts regarding this matter that it is not your intention to actually have legal backups.

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    how do u know i have not got the legal games?? basically i have originals and i want to keep them so they dont scratch

    You've no need to convince me, what you do is your business...

    All I'm thinking of is being fair to the owners of the site, as allowing this kind of information to be strewn about the forums could land them in a spot of bother.

    tbh, i wouldnt bother risking my warranty enabling my xbox 360 to play 'backups'.
    But....once the year has passed, and seeing as the 360 belongs to my 9 year old son who cant put a disc back in its box its a route i will look at. Many a ps2 game i had to bin because of....well not scratches..more like gourges lol.

    Verbatim Double Layer 2.4x are the best for this purpose. Take a look at the xbox-scene forums and you'll see the proof. Personally I've never had a failure using these discs any my lite-On SHM-165P6S burner (pioneers are v good too). Not the cheapest discs but the best.
    I put off hacking my box for around 3 months, to let it burn in as it were and see if there were any potential warranty worries. There are ways to save the warranty sticker, but in the end I nearly ended up cracking the case to open it lol so there are obvious signs of "tampering". Well worth it though, if for nothing else but the piece of mind.
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