Best 360 Multiplayer (split-screen) Games

My mum runs a youth group at our local church, and she's finally got some funding to upgrade some of the equipment (particularly the old, tired PS2, Gamecube).

She's just ordered a new TV and 360 with Kinect. What are the best multiplayer games to get for the 360 (as cheap as possible)? As a PS3 owner who doesn't really play split screen I'm unsure whats out there, other than FIFA.



Blur is a good combat car racing game that does 4 player split screen.
Should cost less than a tenner too.

Portal 2 is very good and has coop split screen, you should wait for it to drop in price.

Not sure how suitable it is for a youth club though.
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FIFA is a split-screen game?

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FIFA is a split-screen game?

Well, you know what I mean. Local multiplayer, ie not online.

The majority of racing games have split screen, check the back of the case and it'll tell you. Rock Band I'd guess isn't cheap, don't know much about it but it's definitely up to four players.

Call of duty!!!


Call of duty!!!

Don't think 18 titles are for youth clubs.


Fifa's your best bet...get '09 or '10 and will only cost you a couple of quid

Table tennis could be an option

PES 2010 much easier and enjoyable compared to PES 2011
HALO 3 (4 player)
Bomberman (4 player), it should be availabe on xbox live arcade
Kinect Sports (2 player)

Theres not alot of decent splitscreen games for the xbox 360

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Cheers guys. The age range is secondary school. IIRC, they had some 15, if not 18, rated games previously for ps2/xbox so they probably could have CoD:BO. Chances are they'll ask for it anyway, although I'm sure my Mum wouldn't want to give in straight away.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check some of those out and pass them onto my Mum.

Most Racing games, Dead or alive, Tekken, Street Fighter, Deathsmiles (fun in co-op), Army of Two 1&2, FIFA/PES, Virtua Tennis and Top Spin

Band Hero is on sale at Gamestation. Not sure if the link is 360 or PS3 but they're both on offer.

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Band Hero is on sale at Gamestation. Not sure if the link is 360 or PS3 … Band Hero is on sale at Gamestation. Not sure if the link is 360 or PS3 but they're both on

Cheers. I saw the post on HUKD but didn't make the link. My Mum thought it was a bargain, and has ordered. Thanks.

No problem mate

pgr 3 and 4 are great. you can pick them up at cex for a couple of quid each.

Forza 2 + 3
PGR 3 + 4
Split Second
Fifa (Can get fifa 08 for 50p at cex)
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