Found 12th Aug 2010
Ive been offline for a while and have a limited edition halo 360 hdmi (20GB) + accessories to either sell off or trade in to put towards the new 360 slim. Its hardly been touched since returned from MS as ive been busy with exams...Ive had a look at trade in prices but given that my console is limited edition etc does that really hold any more value? Would it be better to sell off privately or go for a trade in? Any helpful advice is appreciated!

Thanks - H2k


I would rather sell private as its limited edition and being a halo fan, trade would give you the same for as if it was white i would imagine.


Thread closed = thanks for the report. You will need to wait a full 7 days now before relisting in the trade forums (FS/T or as per forums rules :

Full FS Rules will apply to ANY thread listing of personal trade items … Full FS Rules will apply to ANY thread listing of personal trade items in other forums here, including requests for pricing.(19) When a thread is expired, closed or removed from the FS/FT or FO.LK forum, the same items must NOT be relisted until a period of at least SEVEN DAYS from the last activity in the closed thread has passed. Those same items must NOT be listed or offered in ANY other active thread. * It's YOUR responsibility to close your active threads BEFORE relisting.

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