Best 360+halo 3 bundle?

    I've just been informed that payday is on friday this week and after a lot of pondering, I've decided to take the plunge and finally buy a 360.

    I've been keeping track of the various bundles around the place and the one that's tempting me most is £250 for a Premium + 2 games (usually blue dragon and one other).
    But if I'm buying a 360, it seems silly NOT to buy Halo 3, so has anyone seen a bundle like this that includes Halo 3 anywhere?

    I've checked all of the big name's sites (Game, gamestation, Virgin, HMV) but their online bundles don't seem half as good as the instore bundles usually are.

    So, anyone able to hlep?


    Gamestation are having one of there deal every hour today and they might have one in there seeing as its linked with halo 3 day!! might be an idea to check there, although it might not pop up till midnight!!

    Woolies is doing Xbox 360 + Halo 3 instore for £250.
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