best 37 inch lcd for ps3 use?

    hi just looking for a 37 inch lcd for best use with my ps3 got around 500-600 max to spend (40 inch is too big ive measured and 37 inch is max size for my room,

    for that price id probably want 1080p but i want a set that would also display my 720p ps3 games well aswell as some 1080p lcds have trouble displaying 720p games

    i wa slooking at his Toshiba 37RV555DB…tml
    any suggestions would be apreciated thank you


    Get the toshiba. Excellent value for money

    Contrast of 18000:1

    The only thing which might cause concern is the contrast so look at one before u buy it. But other then that I would recommend it.

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    cheers do u use it on ps3? is it ok with the 720p games?

    my mate recently bought the 32XV555DB. Gotta say it looks stunning, he uses it mainly for the ps3 and out of all of mates with HD tvs his is probably the best.

    It doesnt matter if a games 720p. If the TV is 1080p it can handle anything.

    Matching up your 37RV555DB with the 32XV555DB it seems like they're similar.
    I would say the 32XV555DB is better. It has a contrast of 30000:1 which thrashes 18000:1. But the 37RV555DB does have 100hz. Not sure if this would make up for it's low contrast. maybe somebody else on here can help you out.


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    thanks i will check that out iws aking because i had a 1080p set that played sum ps3 games 720p awfull with a bad pic,even though a tv has 1080p it depends how good the scaler is in the set sum tvs have better upscalers than others,this one sounds like it has adecent one
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