Best 4 wheel drive...?

Hope someone can help me validate a quick query...
My wife wants to get either a car or small 4x4, for driving in the snow and wet, more so the wet, as we have a BMW, which has rear wheel drive - lovely as it is in the nicer weather, atrocious in anything else. 4wd preferred, as we live in a hilly area.
Looking to spend about £10 - £12k - I have suggested either a Rav4, 5 door because of kids, or a Subarua Imprezza or Forester - anyone else got any idea's (apart from Fiat's and X3's poor build quality me thinks).
I suggested the Rav4 or Subaru because of reliability and some reasonable depreciation, but would appreciate any other idea's..


We had a 5 door Rav4 for 6 years. It was a brilliant car and never let us down. We used it in bad snow a few years ago and it never struggled at all. We only sold it about 6 months ago as we were buying a new car but during all this really bad weather we've missed it loads!

I've got an Impreza, and it was fantastic in the snow and ice. Taking my kids to school, there were cars spinning on the spot in car park spaces, unable to get out of them, but I didn't have a single bit of trouble with mine. :thumbsup:

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Ironically enough, the other car I recommended was an audi quattro, either A3 or A4, so thanks - ps used to have an A4 and loved it too!

Best 4x4 I ever drove, snow, mud it handled everything I threw at it. Never ever got stuck. Plus I could park it where I liked.

I have a Hyundai Sante fe.

Its rubbish, dont get one!

scooby all the way mint car!


I have a Hyundai Sante fe.

Too late got one last year, but I found it to be ok in the snow if you stayed in 2nd and locked in 4wd. Nowt special but still better than 2wd.

Jeep Patriot

Don't get a Subaru Forester AWD, they tend to scrub tyres pretty quick.

We have a Rav4. Its been absolutely fantastic in the snow. We've been driving around with no problems and been the envy of our cul de sac lol...............

However, we've been thinking of selling it but not in any great rush at present.

Its a T180 Model and has recently had a rear parking camera installed which is absolutely brilliant for female drivers.

Let me know if you want any more details.


I have a Hyundai Sante fe.Its rubbish, dont get one!

Had one recently and got a BM instead. The Santa Fe was more than adequate, BM has been entertaining but coped with the snow.

Subaru's spring to mind, Impreza, Forester or Outback. Mazda CX-7 isn't a bad choice for something different but still a bit car like.

i have had a honda 4x4, two suzuki grand vitaras, and am now on a nissan xtrail which i have to say has actually been the best car yet, would highly recommend :thumbsup:


freelander ,or disco if you can afford one

I have a Nissan X-trail, 2.5 litre petrol auto. It is absolutely brilliant in the snow, never got stuck, has pulled other folk out of ditches. It's nice and high off the ground, very comfy and a doddle to drive. You can chose between 2wd, 4wd or locked diffs with a dial on the dash. It's reasonably economical at 30 mpg, but I've recently had mine converted to run on LPG, and now on a cost comparison basis between petrol and LPG I get approx 45-50 mpg :-D

Mine is not the latest model, the one before which went out of production in 2007, but a better looking car in my opinion, the new X-trail looks too long at the back and the wheels look too small to me. If you go for Aventura spec you'll get leather, heated seats, sat nav, tinted windows, panoramic sunroof and all sorts of other groovy stuff for well within your price range. Mine is this spec, a 2006 which I got from a Nissan main dealer just over a year ago with less than 30,000 miles for just under 8 grand.

These engines are chain driven, so no nasty cam belts to worry about. You can get deisel versions, but no auto box available on those, and to be honest the diesels can be a bit unreliable, blown turbos and inter coolers are pretty common. Stick to good old simple petrol and you won't go wrong :-D

get a 67k RRP Skoda brah, 4x4, alloys, flock wallpaper....

Ive got a renault scenic RX4 - like a scenic but bigger. Permanent 4 wheel drive. MPG similar to that of a car. really good in the snow. Cant buy them new anymore but Ive had 3 getting a little newer each time and Id highly recommend it.
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