Best 40" to 50" TV under £500

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Currently looking at the following (prices from Richer Sounds):

Panasonic TX 40EX700B (£414)
Samsung MU6400 (£409)
Hisense H50N6800 (£419)
LG 43UJ630V (£329)

Panasonic and Samsung TVs seem about the same, although the latter is missing 3.5mm audio out (for headphones, mainly); LG is clearly much cheaper, but apparently has a fairly dim panel (seems to be the case, from store displays); Hisense is an unknown as I haven't seen it on display anywhere.

The 600B version of the Panasonic seems to be £279 here, so that might be the frontrunner at the moment - although it won't have the longer guarantee as John Lewis or Richer Sounds do

Reason for looking at this price range is that I'd rather buy something relatively inexpensive now and upgrade to a 10-bit panel in a couple of years.

Any suggestions would be welcomed, thanks!
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I have just bought the LG 43UJ670 from Richer Sounds.

After a lot of research it is much better than the 630
The samsung is a nice set but is only 40 inch I wanted a bit bigger for the bedroom.
Dont like Hisense.
The samsung is a VA panel which has better blacks than the LG IPS panel but not a very wide viewing angle.

If I could have got a samsung in 43 with a VA panel at a reasonable cost I would have probably got it but samsung also use IPS panels for their 43 inch sets.

If you want to do some research look at…700 (this is the american version of the 670)…300
Not sure which one is the samsung in rtings but it is a va panel so you might find a simalar model review.

Rtings is a great site for tv reviews but it is american and american models have different names.

That said I am delighted with my LG great picture very bright and punchy ( supposed to be better brightness than the 630)
the HDR is very good but obviously nowhere near as good as my Samsung ks8000 but a hell of a lot better than a normal 1080 set.
Tizen is good giving netflix amazon and streaming from my NAS.
Plus at £369 with 6 year warranty there was no competiiton

Despite what rtings say about upscaling I think it is excellent but obviously not too great on a non hd channel but to be honest neither is my Samsung

Hope this helps
Thanks for the reply.

Rtings is great, like you say, although they haven't reviewed certain brands (Panasonic) much or at all.

Can't imagine anything upscales SD content well on a 4k screen.
Check out the Hisense 55" latest 2018 model with HDR10, see here for £539, the 50" model is £650 most places

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