Best 40GB PS3 Price???

    I'm getting nowhere getting a 60GB PS3 So giving up, and going for a 40GB version.

    I can get one for £255 brand new, from a shop (Sainsburys). Is this the best price I'm going to get? Should I wait until after Christmas for some better packages (I know the console won't go down in price)


    I've been looking for a 60GB myself, no luck at all. Typically, yesterday at my local Woolies and PCWorld, they had some:(

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    For me, it's not too disappointing, as I have a slimline PS2 already, which can go upstairs enabling me to play games and have a DVD player, both of which I don't have upstairs, and I save myself £50 by buying the lower model

    I have a PS2 too, but I want the inbuilt mem card reader and extra USB ports. I'm a fool:(

    How do you get it for £255?

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    I get staff discount, which is currently 15%, bringing the price from £300 to £255. Can also bring the 60GB down to £297.

    If you could get one:)
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