Best 42" plasma available for £1000 ( own reviews would be helpful)

    as above im looking to buy a 42" plasma available for around 1000 pounds. Already own a sony bravia for the bedroom so cancels sony out want something different. Dont get me wrong its still good but want a different t.v.

    So far been looking at a panasonic viera. I would prefer a philips or samsung though ?


    The latest, best models from Panasonic & Phillips are far superior to Samsung TVs.

    Samsung do make good cheap and cheerful sets and are a popular choice if on a tight budget. If you can afford it, spend the extra for a Panasonic.

    If you don't have a 1080p feed and are not likely to use 1080p then some substantial reductions can be found on previous generations from Panasonic. I'm not referring to very early models, just the one's before 1080p was added. These will perform superbly with standard digital broadcast.

    Many manufacturers have prioritised the design of their latest TV around 1080p at the expense of not being able to reproduce standard broadcast as well as previous models.

    You won't go wrong with Panasonic but make sure you look at latest Pioneer Plasmas too.

    yep panasonic all the way mate ive bought tons of electricals over the years and panasonic or pioneer are always fantastic sony samsung toshiba etc much the same really always a step bellow panasonic

    i currently have a 32 sony bravia lcd and a panasonic 42 plasma the panny is much better but that may be due to the different technologies


    Also check 42" is gonna be big enough. Are you going to be 6 foot away from the screen as over 8 foot then 50" is a better choice (IMHO of course), i was going to plump for a 42" and I sit 8 foot away and now even a 50" seems a tad too small.

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    nah 42" is perfect. Thanks for the help so far guys.

    1000 is too much get a panasonic or toshiba for £700 I guarantee you cant tell which is better then when the 50 comes down to 700 get the 50
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