Best 43” 4K tv under £500?

Posted 3rd Jun 2020
Looking for a new 43” 4K tv to go in our new kitchen. Any recommendations would be much appreciated
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I’ve been looking for this size tv but from the research I’ve done out sounds like 4k can not even be recognised on this size and should be looking at 50” minimum to fully achieve 4k viewing. Of course perhaps you only want 43” but I’m now looking at 50” tvs
I have been looking at a few Samsung’s (TU7000, RU7400, RU7100) just not sure which one to get?
4k I'd go with the ru7400.There is a very well reviewed 1080p LG In Argos about 260 odd pounds.
I’m tempted by the LG sets and there’s a couple of Sony’s just over £400 that i like (50”) also. The thing that put me off samsung was a few reviews i read about the screen being too reflective.
Also the type of panel may be a decider- ips or va depending on the viewing point
I thought that the LG’s in this bracket had poor reflective screens and Samsung’s had poor pictures at off centre viewing?
Hmmm i thought it was the Samsung reviews I’d seen regarding the reflective screens. Will have another look
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