BEST 4G Pay As You Go SIMS?

    Hi I want to have at 4GB (3GB is OK I guess) of DATA SIM card and cost under 15 pounds per month and it MUST have 4G. I can't find any deals. I don't care about minutes or calls. I don't even use them. I really appreciate the help people

    EDIT - I don't want to use iD mobile network they are a pain and get no signal 100% of the time!


    Have a look here

    Giffgaff do a 4gb Sim for £15.

    If you consider giffgaff you might as well consider life mobile, they are 3G but giffgaff speeds are terrible on 4g. We have just moved from giffgaff as we were getting speeds from under 1Mb to 2Mb but up to 20Mb on life. Check uswitch for the best offers at the moment.

    never had any problems with ID mobile, always got signal and its 4g too. stay clear of 3 if you have problems with ID then

    EE's MTV Trax SIM is your best option. 4G and a far better network than GiffGaff.

    7GB of data, unlimited texts and 500 minutes (if you need them!) for a £15 monthly top up.

    Unlike other recommendations above, this CAN be used in a MiFi device, a tablet or dongle.

    The downside to this SIM however is that the 7GB monthly allowance drops to 2GB after six months, but I suppose it's not too difficult to find another provider is it. *Edit: actually it may be something like 3GB as EE rewards you with free data for every three packs you buy! As you would have bought six packs at the end of the six months I think that equates to an extra 1GB every month for free.
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