Best 4k TV for £600-£700?

Found 29th Apr
Hi, I'm looking for a 4K TV that will be primarily used for my PS4. I'm looking for it to either be 49" or 55".

Is it possible to get a good TV that is that size for that price?

I have also been told it needs to be 10 bit? (don't really know what that means) is that also possible on my budget?

thank you.
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I've seen a lot of reviews about this TV and the hype on HUKD about it.
it was on sale at co op at £699 last week, but now expired. I think it may come down again very soon with the World Cup on its way. I was going to buy it but I wanted a 5 year guarantee with it so I'm going to wait out for a price drop.
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As above, great TV around your price range. Looks great with 4K content on my xb1x
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