Best 50/55” 4K HDR TV £550 or less?

Found 24th Nov 2017
I’m looking for a 50”+ tv that is 4K and HDR, obviously want the best one I can afford right now.

Its for Netflix and other streaming services and Xbox.

I have no clue what I am looking for, any advice to suggestions would be really appreciated
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faheeeeeeem8 h, 50 m ago

If you don't mind 49"This is a treat …If you don't mind 49"This is a treat

I didn't think that one was HDR
stuartw1 h, 10 m ago

I didn't think that one was HDR

Maybe, but 299? Crazy
You're going to get very little HDR ability at that price, I definitely wouldn't buy into the technology on that budget right now.

If you're replacing a faulty TV or similar then your best bet for some benefit from HDR content is one of the wide gamut models like the Hisense N6800 that are just coming into the top of your budget.
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