Best 5MP mobile phone contract deal?

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Found 1st Jul 2008
Hi guys,

Can anyone recommend any good deals on 5 megapixel mobile phone deals that are around £20 a month?

I'm after text more than calls (around 500 a month)... maybe 200 mins?

Not fussed on the network provider (other than 3) or the length of the contract.

Thanks a lot. =)


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I'm not sure... I was under the impression that 3's signal coverage was poor? Or at least worse than the likes of 02, Orange etc. Although if I'm wrong, it'd be great if you can get those prices. Thanks. =)

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Ah, that's great then. I'm on Orange currently. Could you get those prices for me then, please?

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Thanks for all your help, garbage. Yup, I'm with Quidco.

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Thanks garbage. I'll have a look over everything and give you a PM about the refer a friend option. =)

I would aviod 3 if I was you, there are a few people on here trying to get out of there contracts. There customer service is overseas and useless. I have had a few problems and yes they will talk you through it but if that dont help then your on your own. Just advice but up to you in the end. Good luck

The N95 is now free on the £20 per month deal with Three. I'm not with Three though so cannot comment on the service.



for me o2 and virgin mobile have been the best 2 companies I have tried … for me o2 and virgin mobile have been the best 2 companies I have tried out of the top 6 companies.

Im going back to virgin if I can get out of my contract. There custoer service is excellent, they listen instead of reading from a script as 3 customer service do. I have been with 3 for almost 2yrs now and its only since I had a new phone when I upgraded my contract that the problems have started. Before that I had no need to contact them. But they dont listen at all.

Just dont buy the new sony ericson C902 or K8FOi and youll be fine. both **** phones xxx

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What's wrong with the C902? Isn't it better than the K850?
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