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Found 26th Jan 2007
I currently have the Targra DVD player from Lidal/Aldi. I am finding it wont play some .avi files correctly - the lip sync and video do not match. Overall this dvd player has been the best one I have ever owned.

Can anyone recommend a better player than this within budget?

The only one I have seen so far is this one from Bigpockets:



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I would highly recommend this xvid player:


Go through quidco for extra money off, and if you select next day delivery it will make the total price over £75, so then use this code Teleg87305 to get £15 off a £75 spend, to bring the total price including next day delivery to around £61.

Got this player myself last week, and its very good. Had no problems at all. If you do a Google search for this player, you will see that its got many positive reviews.

I have the Umax Chili Style 630x and it has played everything I've thrown at it, so can recommend getting a player with this chipset, it cost me £40.

I have a Yamada 6700, highly recommended.

I have a firmware upgrade for the Targa DP-5100x if you are interested (it is for the LG but they use the same firmware proof here avforums.com/for…765) its only abot 4 MB and its in .iso format so just burn to CD and put it into the player

I can confirm this works i have updated mine and my father-in-laws Targa

There are some instructions listed in that forum which are roughly right but i have the correct ones if you want it

You can download it from here download.yousendit.com/4AB…D42 its 888 KB rarred but 4 MB unrarred

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Thanks for the details on the firmware upgrade pauljl. I have upgraded using the iso you provided in the link above, but still have issues playing some xvid and divx .avi's.

Looks like time to buy a new player, I think the playing issues may be due to XviD Packed Bitstream support.

The Yamada 6700 seems to get very good reviews and forums say it will play the files with packed bitstream.

Where is the best place to buy this player or one as good?

Thanks all for your advise

I am not giving up on you yet mate (keep that money in your pocket for now)

I have one more trick up my sleeve MPEG4Modifier (Freeware) moitah.net/

This will unpack the XVID Packed Bitstream

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Thanks again pauljl

I think this software would sort the issue, but as I have in excess of 150 of these files I am still happy to spend upto £60 buying a dvd player that will play them in the original state.

I hear it is possible to buy dvd players that you can update with codecs the same way you would your home computer. That might be an option?
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