Posted 4th Mar 2021
Hi folks, a bit overwhelmed by all the specs for TVs these days. I've moved house and I want to upgrade from a 55-inch to a 65-inch telly.

I don't game, but I do watch quite a lot of football. I also want something that does well with 4K nature shows like Planet Earth II.

I've had a Hisense H55U7AUK for the past couple of years and overall I've been very happy with it picture-wise. 4K stuff on Netflix and the like looks amazing, although HDR leaves a lot to be desired.

The built-in Smart TV stuff is pants but I use a Roku Premiere anyway, which I imagine I'll continue to use on any new TV just because I'm used to it and it works so well.

What should I go for? This LG looks like a very good option at £649. But if I'm not gaming, do I need 100hz+? My current Hisense is 120hz - how likely am I to notice the difference if I go to a panel with a lower rate (most 65s in this price range seem to be 50hz)?

Any help appreciated!
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