Best 75” TV for circa £1000?

Posted 21st Mar
Just looking at buying a 75” tv, preferably Samsung or LG.

Wondering which ones are the “best” ones within the £800-1200 ish range?

Not too clued up on TVs really, so advice is welcomed.

Not too keen on qled/oled for the simple fact that I occasionally leave the tv paused, or on a still picture (Xbox etc) for little stints and don’t want to end up with any screen burn- is this even a thing anymore?

Cheers :-)

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Rather than getting a very basic LG or Samsung get the Hisense 7500
Samsung's QLED range is LCD screens like most TVs, they're not OLEDs. So they only have the normal LCD burn-in risks (i.e. constantly showing the same picture required). Although both top end LCDs and OLEDs are well out of budget at that size so it's fairly irrelevent.

I'd probably lean towards a Sony XG80 or similar. Sony tend to get the little details right in picture processing so while you might be giving up a bit of potential picture quality for top quality sources compared to a more capable TV from a budget brand, it'll be a better picture in normal TV viewing.
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