Best 75” tv up to around £1500?

Posted 16th Jun 2020
Just wondering what the best 75” tv upto around £1500 is at the moment? And when are they likely to drop in price due to 2020 models now being released?

I tend to leave the tv on still images for a while, so I’m thinking oled may be out of the question.

Cheaper the better of course, but the most decent price wise.

I literally watch the chase, coronation street, few Netflix series’s/films, and every so often play on the Xbox. So I don’t need anything amazing.

Cheers :-)
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This is £100 over budget but imo best value for money. It’s a 65” OLED screen by LG. & it doesn’t have image retention, as you might believe. I won’t use the term ‘future proof’ but it should see you through around 5-7 years of high quality screening before something better comes at an affordable price.
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Something like a Sony XG85.

There'll be no further online price drops on 2019 models now, maybe the occasional clearance deal in store.
EndlessWaves16/06/2020 10:13

Something like a Sony XG85.There'll be no further online price drops on …Something like a Sony XG85.There'll be no further online price drops on 2019 models now, maybe the occasional clearance deal in store.

I don’t understand the model numbers, but I see on curry’s for instance, there is the KD75XG8505BU and the KD75XG8796BU for the same price, reduced from the same price. What would be the difference in models and which one would i get?!

Naturally thinking the higher number 8796 is the better of the 2? Are these low-mid-high end tvs? Cheers
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KD is just sony's prefix for a 4K/8K TV. 75 is the size, X is mainstream/4K, G is the year (2019), 85 is the position in the range and the last two numbers and following letters denote minor variations such as versions for different regions.

The XG87 is a retailer specific variation of the XG85. Sony list both on the same product page:…ons

I don't know the exact difference, but it's often something minor like a different colour case. The largest differences tend to be stuff like bluetooth, a better remote or twin tuners for recording.

It looks like the advertised difference is motionflow 1000 instead of 800. Motionflow is a umbrella marketing term for BFI and a couple of different image processing options:…431

It's hard to find information on what the different ratings mean but I'd suspect in this situation it just means that there's a more aggression option available for one of the image processing features and few people are going to set them on maximum anyway.

The XG85 is at the top of the mid-range. Good for normal viewing, but not much in the way of hardware that pushes the envelope for picture quality. If you wanted to get into the high end you'd be looking at spending a minimum of 20% above your budget on something like a Samsung Q70R or better (or the next model up in Sony's range, the XG95, but that's a long way above your budget).
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