Best Action Camera to go for?

    My wife wants an action cam for horse riding. Needs to attach to either her body or her helmet.

    Don't want to pay the price of a gopro. Happy to wait for delivery for something from china etc. Budget around £50.

    Requirements, as clear as possible so that number plates can be read if required. Needs to last a good hour or so. USB charging would be best so it can be charged in the car. Would prefer it to just write over the oldest video when the card gets full (not essential). Some kind of mounting kit suitable for a horse riding helmet or a body mount (think helmet would be best.)


    There's quite a few reviews for GoPro clones on this blog (…as/ ) allowing for a reasonable comparison. I ended up buying the Campark HDKing H3Q during one of Amazon lightning sales for my brother in laws crimbo present so can't comment on it first hand at the moment but it came with a decent selection of accessories, a case but perhaps more interestingly also a second battery as well.

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    Genuine SJCAM 4000

    SJ cams are excellent as I have 2. Battery life 25 mins.Second battery would only be a fiver.Or connect a cable to a battery pack would then run for couple of hours or more.

    SJ4000 was mediocre on release about 2+ years ago, it's a bad choice now. The Xiaomi Yi is a much better option, 16mp Sony Sensor, same image processor as the [older] GoPro, and lots of scripts out to make the footage even better. I love mine.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    With the Xiaomi Yi - are you recommending the original version or the 2nd one?

    The new one seems a bit too expensive.

    Is the Elephone one any good:

    Original Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Ultra HD WiFi Action Camera - BLACK

    From gearbest for about £40
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