Best advert ever to be seen.

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Just seen an advert with a man talking about armbands & swimming.

I have to say it is the best advert I have ever seen in my life.

What is your favourite advert? Whilst I look for a download .

Its listed as "a voices nationwide poem" on screen.
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I do love the gbb new advert but I think that is mainly due to the frog song being played.
Peugeot 206 elephant advert link here.

Stanx Stanx

Diet coke commercial the one with the hot lady in the Elevator.Diet coke ad
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I don't know about favourite but my son hates the skittles advert with the giraffe, as soon as it comes on he screams and panics.
This was always my favourite as a kid. Still think it's one of the best adverts ever.
The one with the A hole song in the car
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This fantastic advert shown on Sunday


best fake story ever
I love this one, has a powerful message…aPA

The skeletor trailer
I am sick to death of nationwide's poems. The first couple had a bit of novelty to them but now they just make me want to vomit. This was ground breaking in its day although nowadays I imagine youngsters may scratch their heads and wonder what all the fuss was about
The old Milky Way advert

the red car and the blue car had a race, all red wants to do is stuff his face, he eats everything he sees from trucks to prickly trees, but good old blue took the milky way, hes looking for a fluffy treat, fluffy and light, something that wont spoil his appertite, oh no the bridge is gone old red cant carry on....
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That just makes me think of this
Tango "eh geordie" in the mid nineties until it got banned.
The old tango adverts that were banned.
shadey1222nd Aug

[Video] That just makes me think of this[Video]

Tango Adverts from 1991 to 1997, enjoy

The original Smash adverts...

As a whole though, Specsavers adverts always make me laugh.
MR112322nd Aug

Peugeot 206 elephant advert.

This is also my favourite, probably not an ad though Stanx also the diet coke commercial with the hot girl in the Elevator Diet coke ad
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Not sure about the best but I like this:
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