Best Affiliate marketing / Adverts to generate money?


    I'm quite new to affiliate marketing and adverts and I have created a static website which has around 8 pages promoting my it services, website designing etc and I wanted to give to try out a few affiliate marketing/adverts that are not too much in your face, fairly discreet but also pay well.

    I have heard of google absence, amazon etc, but I'm not quite sure which one's are worth considering as they are so many, would appreciate some help on this?

    Thanks in advance,


    Given your content, linking to web hosting packages is prob a good idea. 123reg do one, but would you want to be connected to just one host?

    Check out dreamhost, you can get up to $97 per person who signs up with them under you.


    depends what your site does? ie what are the interests of people who visit your site?

    It's not "google absence", it's "Google AdSense".…nse

    The ads are chosen in such a way that they should be related to your website content.

    google absence lol- good spot ducky!
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