best affordable earbuds ?

    for the money, the best in-ear headphones?

    edit: upto around £25


    I know the soundmagics are meant to be good but I have personally been really pleased with the KZE's from gearbest. Obviously they won't match Shures but they hands down beat my old cx300 ii and they tend to get favourable reviews on some of the audiophile forums.

    Obviously gearbest are a chinese site so delivery takes an age, not sure if you can get genuine ones elsewhere, presumably so.

    They do a few different models for different sounds. I went with the KZE ATE for the bass. the head-fi site in particular have a good few reviews from users, google 'KZE ATE HEAD-FI' and have a look.

    Price wise they look to be less than a tenner at the minute.
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