Best Affordable Pillows

Posted 24th May
Hi, I'm after soft pillows in the price range of £25-30. The majority of pillows on Amazon have negative reviews.
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As painful as it is, you spend a lot of your life sleeping on these pillows so wouldn't it be worth cashing a little extra on them?
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Depends what you mean by affordable, a soft one you will replace ever 6 months or a more expensive one that lasts for years. Tempur or dunlopillo are expensive but long lasting and if you want soft try the tempur cloud ones on offer at John Lewis at the moment.
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I use these ones .

I even take them when I travel with my little boy (Not at the moment as we can't) Click
Bought Eve ones recently when they were buy one get one free. Have a Temper one that's lasted me over 10 years. Worth the investment.
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