Best aftermarket charger for my galaxy s7?

    Hi all

    My original adaptive fast charger for my galaxy s7 has been lost, and the one I ordered off amazon for £6 is fake.

    Can anyone recommend what the best aftermarket charger I can buy to allow fast charging for my s7 would be?

    I'm thinking something made by Anker on amazon or similar? I'm just not sure what amp it needs to be to charge fastest since there's so many different options such as quick charge 2.0, 3.0 etc etc.

    I don't want to spend a fortune though, I'm seeing quotes of £25 for the Samsung charger and that's just too much!

    many thanks!!


    I've got a second have fast charger for sale on AV Forums that came with my Galaxy S6 (now sold).... it's original Samsung and comes with the original lead.... I'm asking £10 delivered if you're a member there?

    second hand.... not second

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    I'm not a member on there. Sorry I'll pass a phone charger is one of those things I like to buy brand new you know?

    Yeah, no worries, understandable.


    Aldi have two wireless chargers. one At £5 and another at £10

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    Wireless chargers ey? Are they quick charge do you know? thanks

    we have anker for s7 and s6 spot on with the extra long nylon wire

    i also have anker, for my s6, and fast charging works just like the normal charger. I'm sure it'll be the same on the s7.

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    just ordered a aukey quick charge 2.0 dual port charger off amazon for 6 quid. not too shabby

    thanks for your suggestions guys
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