Posted 11th Jan 2023
What's the best air fryer in a reasonable budget? Is Tower air fryer 4.3L around £50-60 worth it?
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    No such thing as 'best' as each persons need is different. Whereas a single basket may be best for you, I would need one of the larger dual basket ones. Some people want the higher temp of the Ninja's and many don't need that and prefer the extended guarantees of the likes of Tower and Salter. Speaking generically they all do the same thing and cook in the same way. I believe therefore the cheapest is best when your comparing like for like (size, number of baskets, power)
    Agree, what suits one person may not be the best for someone else.

    OP what are the main things you are planning on cooking?

    Asda are selling a Scoville 4.3 litre model for £39
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    At that price range I'd say the Gourmia 6.7l from Costco and you would probably get some change.
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    Welcome to the club
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    I bought the dual basket one from Farmfoods the other day for £99.99, great deal
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    We have an Instant Vortex ( Instantpot) 5.7 and it's the best Air Fryer we've ever owned. Even had a £250 Philips and it's on a par with that. Often on offer on Amazon at around £60 -…er/
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    I've had this one since xmas and it's pretty good cook pizza, chips sausages etc -Tower Xpress Pro Combo T17076-
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