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What is the best alternative to Dropbox that works in the same way over several PCs? Also need to have a Google app of the program so I can back up my photos etc from my phone.

Need more space than Dropbox offer, ideally 20gb+ if possible.


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Thats a loaded question Google Drive is 15Gb for free i know DID have 100Gb but its reduced to 10GB. Other than that, I think most are around dropbox kind of size unless you pay for the extra?

THis might be a good guide:…ge/

Google Drive?

Google Photos, as long as you don't mind images sizes above 16mp being reduced.…ut/ gives 50gb and has android app + windows app.

For Photos and Videos Flickr as they give 1tb free storage.

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Thanks everyone. I forgot about and had registered with the a few years back. Logged in and have 25gb space on there which is more than enough. Thanks again.

google drive IMO i managed to blag 2tb for 2 years for free

Dropbox plus gives you 1TB or business gives 2TB+ (£ 7.99/mo or £10/mo for business)…=nr

(you didn't say free!)

Or nextcloud/owncloud if you don't mind a bit of messing setting it up.
Nextcloud/owncloud basically allows you to host your own dropbox - with pc/mac/web and mobile apps similar to dropbox.
It's free and storage is your own so unlimited ... you can also install it on your web host (via softilicious)…ll/
or these guys will give you 3gb free to see how it works

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