Best Alternative to Itunes ?

    Anyone know the best alternative to Itunes for a novice user ?


    Id stick to itunes as its the more reliable and futureproof company for your songs

    Anapod Explorer i found easy to use.

    Yeah, (s)he means for music library rather than music downloads I presume?




    Anything that isn't itunes is better surely?



    You're lucky to get away with mentioning them - any mention of "allof" on HDUK used to be removed.....heaven knows why when bit torrent sites are commonly mentioned.

    Your post reminds me there are a couple of albums I'd like to download!


    I have a similar question, I was wondering if there is any good websites that I can use to legally obtain music, in MP3 format. Itunes has some crummy M4P format if i remember correctly...

    I've used the predecessor to (which was allofmp3). If you google allofmp3 you'll find a great deal of discussion about whether it is legal. They maintain they are as they pay royalties within Russia. The British phonographic industry state they are illegal (and I think the British courts have said it was illegal - however its also illegal to rip your own CDs but everyone does it).

    As the music industry also insists that the UK has to pay more for its music downloads than the US I'll leave you to decide on the morality of it

    Tesco do downloads but its not much cheaper than buying the CD and choice is limited.
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