Best alternative to Pioneer CDJ Decks

Found 18th Aug 2012
Hey guys

Was thinking of getting back into the old mixing again.....but this time not on Technics.

I was looking at the Pioneer CDJ 1000 mk3 decks, but with a mixer it's still pretty expensive.

Is there any DJ's out there who have bought a cheaper alternative (not controller) and found the same as working on the Pioneers in a club and the same cheaper alternative as you were using at home?

I'm thinking the Pioneers are more for clubs and there could be a good cheaper set for at home but if I were to go to a club the controls would pretty much be the same for me to use and I wouldn't find it difficult
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Hey Saxo, How's it going?

I'm looking for a good alternative as well. The only suggestion I've seen so far is for the Numark NDX400...

It's quite a bit less expensive so I'm wondering where the compromise is... quality, durability, response time.

Let me know if you find anything else.

Dave - The Butler
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