Best alternative to Zagg Invisible Shield?

Found 9th Oct 2011
Does anybody know where I can get an "invisible shield" type of thing for the iPhone4? I did have a Z-life branded type, which was exactly like the Zagg, But I can't seem to get a hold of one anymore, and don't fancy spending £17 for a zagg one.
Any Suggestions?
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Zagg is the best for a reason.

Well, apart from the otterbox.

But that's a different story.
take a look at skinomi.
thought bodyguardz were supposed to be the best.
The devil one on amazon is really good and well priced.
you can try I've recently received mine and also got a voucher code 10% but I dont need it. you can use if you want NHAJ17QW2.. I used zagg before and I was very happy and wanted to try phantomskinz this time and Im telling you it feels like glass, very smooth
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Screenknight - which I get from Ebay - seem to work well.
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