Best Alternatives to SVP + BigPockets ??

    OK was just gonna put in an order for some more dvd cases and disks but getting a little fed up with the £8 + delivery charges from both these companies. Anyone got any good alternatives that are maybe free delivery but still keep the price of the goods at a low ? Have seen some shops elsewhere but even though delivery is free their products are marked up higher to compensate :-(

    Thanx guys :-)


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    LOL just finalised my cart on SVP and they want £9.41 for delivery... take the golden or what !

    Ive found over all that


    Are cheaper inc delivery.

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    Thanx m8.

    Just put in same goods and BigPockets are cheaper by 50p lol :-(

    O well i try lol

    It depends how many you're buying but, for smaller quantities, [url][/url] and [url][/url] can be cheaper because their prices include delivery. Alternatively, you could try registering on [url][/url] forum and, once you've got 50 posts, you can have free next day delivery on anything.

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    Nah m8 thanx anyway.. any help appreciated !

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    Question is... do i get the Electronic Suduko set off Bigpockets for free delivery LOL :-D

    PS tony Novatech are just down the road from me so no need for delivery. However their range of DVD-R is not brill, ie they dont sell Ritek G05s and their cases are just that little bit more expensive. I only use GO5s so looking at them over anything else.
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