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Posted 5th Apr 2018
hi, our family (2 adults a 2yo and a 3 yo) live 15 mins off Alton towers and my lads v keen to go to cbbs land. has any one used the Merlin passes? I was wondering if I would be better off using half price vouchers that are often in handwashes ?
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I suppose it depends on how often you would want to go?
Living so close means you could squeeze a good few trips in in a year!
I find the annual pass pays for itself within a couple of visits.
I would personally recommend premium passes if possible for you as your car parking will be included and you won't have the Fri,Sat,Sun in August exclusions of a standard or Alton towers pass.
Thanks for taking the time to reply, would my 3yo need his own pass or would you just use the discount friends and family of pass owners?
Think under 3 is free Merlin is probably only worth it if you going to do all the Merlin parks otherwise just grab a Alton towers pass
You could have done the 2 free ticket promotion that The Sun have done.
It may not be too late if you know someone who collects the codes.
You only need 9 codes then you can book the dates online and just pay the £1.50 booking fee.
I just took advantage of a £1 months membership for kids pass to go to Go Air and saved 30%. Using a kids pass the cost is £28.05 for an adult and £23.38 for under 12. Booking on line with Alton Towers it's £33 compared to on the day price of £55.
Kids 3 and under are free (we got my 4yr niece in by saying she was 3 and they didn't question it) they also do a pass were adults pay for one day and can return for free for the rest of the year.
Thanks for all the tips!
Depends how often you'll visit.
If your local your more flexible on dates so should be able to pick up tickets for £10 or so from local Facebook groups and similar.
The season/annual passes have additional discounts in the park which will save a fair bit and include other attractions (check before buying)

Personally I wouldn't bother without your going weekdays or weekends outside of school and bank holidays.
Otherwise it's too busy to really enjoy it especially with you kids.
I went there recently staying the night in one of the lodges with my little boy and other half. I seen signs everywhere saying if you pay £55 for the days visit the pass is valid for the season with a few exceptions. So you can go regular for that one off payment.
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