Best Amp & 12" Sub Deal


    The time has come & I need to fit a 12" sub and amp in my car (I don't have much of a boot though).

    I have a budget of £200 (will fit it myself)

    Looking for a setup that will deal with big bass lines & fast music:)

    Anyone recommend something as you could write what I know about amps and subs on the back of a first class postage stamp.



    Just got this fitted a couple of weeks ago, overwhelmed by it and I guarantee you will be too!


    Got it supplied by mf2k (one of the best audiophile installers in the UK) and it was the person here who recommended it to me. Funny thing is even he couldn't get it as cheaply as this direct from Alpine (best was £250 inc his trade discount).

    Use the coupon 7e6e57 to get free delivery

    Original Poster

    That looks quality

    Failing anything better being suggested, that's going on order tonight.

    Thanks phoenix_af

    dont use bass junkies there awful

    register on [url][/url]

    they will help you

    i disagree with that, ive always used them and never had a problem.

    Search for any reviews you can find on the Type R series of Alpine subs and amps and you won't find a bad word about them. I honestly don't think you'll find anything remotely near as good for that price (even spending double you'll be hard-pushed to find as good a set-up!!).

    I disconnected my rear speakers leaving the sub with components in the front along with my pioneer hu really do pump out some incredible sounds.
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