Best andriod phone for £150-£200 new or used

    I am a T-mobile customer and need a new (or new to me) phone within the next week. I would like an android device and have £150-200 to spend.

    I am happy to buy a used phone and would probably prefer this. So far the best I can find in the price range is a Pulse, a Hero and the Sony X10 mini pro. The pulse and the sony have poor resolution screens that would really bug me, and I find the Hero strange.

    Is there anaything better I could purchase new or used for this price?

    Thanks Alex


    I have a used HTC Hero for sale.
    Contact me.

    Call T mob up and ask then what price they'll do a handset for if you are on contract - O2 sell phones cheaper to current customers ie £285 for Desire, so maybe T mob will do the same :-)

    Original Poster

    Yeh, I shall give them a call, thanks.

    Im not interested in your £200 HTC Hero thanks, there is a new one posted on here somewhere for £159, or £150 gets a CEX one. I will probably get one out of the newspapers for £100 though!

    I managed to blag a Desire for £200 after putting in a (valid ) complaint with t-mobile. not saying you can replicate it, and the oversea (Philippines?) call centre definitely won't do it, but the complaints department sold me one with little argument.
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