Best Android app and APK download link for U80 smart watch

Found 21st Feb 2016
Can anyone recommend an app and its APK download location for the U80 smartwatch, please? I've just bought one for a tenner from Amazon but the link in the documentation doesn't work. There seem to be loads of Bluetooth link apps in GooglePlay, but I wondered if any one of them was particularly good.
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None of the ones I tried are any good, they were all pretty dreadful in my experience. They ask for lots of permissions and most were badly translated to English.

None of them worked correctly for the step count, the watch and the phone would always be out of sync in one way or another. The connection flakey even when the phone was in the pocket directly beside the watch. In the end I gave up. It was interesting to see what you could get for the money, but I'd pay a bit more and get something decent next time.
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